About Ideatum

Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Design

Ideatum was conceived through a collaboration between Inetis Ltd and Toaster Studio Ltd, with the objective to make design more accessible. Our platform utilizes AI to simplify the design process, offering an intuitive tool for both professional designers and those new to design.

Our Vision

Our goal is to facilitate a more inclusive approach to design. Recognizing the challenges many face in translating vision into visual concepts, we developed Ideatum to serve as a bridge—making design less intimidating and more approachable for everyone.

Key Features

Ideatum simplifies the creation of mood boards and style guides through a straightforward interface. Users can input text prompts, and our AI generates relevant color schemes and font pairings. These elements are compiled into a comprehensive style guide, which can then be exported to platforms like Webflow and Figma.

This process is designed to be seamless for users at any skill level, supporting both the exploration of design concepts and the efficient execution of professional projects.

Our Collaboration

The development of Ideatum is a result of the technical expertise of Inetis Ltd, combined with the design acumen of Toaster Studio Ltd. This partnership ensures that Ideatum is both a powerful tool for generating design elements and a user-friendly platform for creative exploration.

Invitation to Explore

We invite individuals and professionals alike to explore Ideatum. Whether you 're fleshing out a preliminary idea or adding the finishing touches to a project, our platform is designed to support your creative journey. Ideatum represents our belief in the democratization of design—a tool where every idea has the potential to be visually realized.

Welcome to Ideatum. Let’s make design accessible together.